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I’ve wanted a reason to rewatch LOST for a long time. Every few months, I’ll find an intoxicated reason to view the finale again. (Yes, I’m one of those people who loved the way LOST ended.) Fortunately, Cards Against Humanity’s Max Temkin also shares my love of LOST, so we decided to record a rewatch of the show’s first season. We might go beyond that, we might not. We’ll see how people feel about the show.

Every Monday, a new episode. We’re watching the show one episode at a time, which means this is gonna take a few months to get through. But we wanted to recreate the experience of watching an episode of LOST every week, then getting together with your friends to talk about it.

The series will be friendly to newcomers. We’re not going to spoil who lives, dies, and what twists are around the corner. If you’re watching the show for a second time like us, great. Welcome. If you’ve always wanted an excuse to start watching LOST, terrific. You’re also welcome!

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Oh, and prepare for a drinking game centered around WAAAAALLLLLT!

I started a podcast with Patrick! Each week, we’re going to watch one episode of LOST and talk about it. It would be a huge help to us if you gave us a boost and subscribed on iTunes.

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